The royal baby has finally popped out of womb and has graced us with his presence! Thats right, the royal baby and future king has been born. And I am really excited about it. I’m not sure why, but it really excites me.

And for all the uneducated morons out there who don’t understand why this is a large deal within the media and in Britain, I will explain it for you. This child is the future leader of the monarchy. This means they will reign over 54 independent sovereign states. That adds up to the birth of this child being extremely important for many many many people throughout the entire world. This child is not like the new Kardashian child, North West, who gained press due to her parents awful name choice and potential to feature in a future reality television show. But the Royal Baby is important because he will impact many countries throughout the world in the future.

So this is why i am so excited about this Royal Baby! And who does not love the wait to see the pictures of this child!!

P.S. I solo knew this child was going to be a boy despite everything thinking it was going to be a girl. How did i know you ask… well here is a little secret for you all.

When a pregnant women looks fat, they are having a girl, and when they just look pregnant, they are having a girl.

Yes, it is as simple as that folks. And Kate Middleton never looked fat, just pregnant.


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