Dance Moms: Remembering Maddie

This week on Dance Moms, we said goodbye to Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. As an avid Dance Moms fan since season 1, I wanted to do a post with the top 5 things to love about Maddie.


5. The joy she showed when the other girls succeeded

We all know Maddie is a perfectionist and wants to win, but she always showed excitement when other girls on the team got their moment in the spotlight.She may be the star of the team, but she still wanted her friends to be successful


4. She is the team leader, on and off the stage

Maddie was the leader of the group, and the lead in the group dances. She took on the responsibility and did not let it get to her. At times she would made mediocre group dance magical from the emotion in her lead roles.


3. She has sass and is not afraid to use it

She may be known for her lyrical dances, but Maddie could rock a jazz dance like no one else. This girl is full of sass, in the best way, and it was in full forced in any jazz number.


2. Whenever Madde and Chloe danced together

Despite being presented as rivals on the show, Maddie and Chloe made the best duet partners. When the pair danced together, it was magic and it made for the best duets on the show. These girls were always meant to dance together.


1.The passion she shows every time she dances

She is known for the “maddie face” and her unrelenting emotion every time she hits the stage and that is why use fans love her. Maddie is at her best she she is dancing. From her first ever solo, Cry, to her last solo, The Hostage,  Maddie captivated the audience and showed that she loved to dance.


Stay tuned for my top 5 things about Mackenzie.



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