Dance Moms: Remembering Mackenzie

After what felt like months of saying goodbye to the Ziegler’s on Dance Moms, last week’s sit down with Maddie, Mackenzie and Abby was the final time these girls will appear on our screens. Today, I want to remember some of Mack Z’s best moments on the show.

5. Becoming National Champion


In the season 2 finale, Mackenzie took the stage as a killer bee to show Kathy and Vivi what a Bee solo should look like. Mackenzie killed the solo, took home the national title and became the cutest bee ever!

4.  When she was emotional 


Just like all of us, Mackenzie can be emotional and she wasn’t afraid to say it. We all want to catch that bouquet of flower and Mackenzie always said what the audience at home was thinking. And she was adorable in that bridal dance!

3.Getting the best Christmas present EVER!


Abby can be really horrible to the girls. But in the Season 3 reunion show, she showed her soft side and gave Mackenzie a fluffy little puppy. Seeing Mackenzie burst into tears of happiness made ever viewer at home so happy because she deserves the world after all the crap she has to put up with.

2. Proving to everyone she is just as good as her sister


Mackenzie is always being told she isn’t as good as her sister ,Maddie. But when she performed her solo, “Sink or Swim”, and beat her sister for the first time, it confirmed what we already knew, Mackenzie is just as good. She rocked this solo, nailed all her tricks and had the judges in the palm of her hands.

1.Watching her grow from a little kid into a fabulous dancer/singer/performer


When Mackenzie started the show, she was too little to be in the group dances. Fast forward to season 6 and it amazing what this little girl has accomplished. She is staring in group dances, winning her solos in all styles, making music videos and acting on TV shows. But to the audience, she will always be the adorable kid from season 1.


What are your favourite Mackenzie moments from Dance Moms? Comment below and tell me.





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