Seeking: Passion.

I am currently working part-time jobs, figuring out what I would like to pursue as my career. I graduate University with an Arts Degree in Communications absolutely clueless with the direction I wanted to head. I spent 6 months just enjoying time off, having what I have called a “Gap Year”, working small part-time jobs and earning money while I think about what I do like to do full-time and what I am truly passionate about.

After those 6 months, I decided it was the time that I look for a full-time job, in anything. I applied for multiple reception and administration jobs, purely because I have experience working part-time in admin so it seemed easier to land a position in that field. I received offers for interviews, but I turned most of them down. I did attend one interview and on Friday, I was offered that position.

But now I feel stuck. I feel obliged to take the position, I feel as if I should want to take the position. But I don’t want to take the position and the thought of working that position every day makes me feel miserable. So I am going to decline it. Does that make me stupid, that in a time where University graduates are struggling to find work that I am turning down a perfectly decent position? Or does it make me smart of turning down something I don’t and saving myself the misery of not finding something I am passionate about?
Well, I am going to believe that I have taken the somewhat smarter route. I believe this offer has made me self-reflect on what I want, and what I need to make myself happy. I have decided I have to do something which excites me, something where I can be creative and using digital technology to connect with people. Sure, it is going to be difficult to acquire enough experience to find a position where I can create and I am probably going to need to go back to University to gain better qualification for whatever I pursue. But, I would rather be seeking happiness and passion in my life than accepting the fate of misery because I feel obliged too.



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