New Year, Same Me?

We are one week into 2017 and instead of making new years resolutions, this year I decided to spend some time to think about what I would goals I would like to achieve within this 12 month period. Essentially, they are new years resolutions, but I am calling them goals to make them seem more attainable.

This process was more difficult than it should have been. Surely thinking of vague phrases to complete in 12 months should have been easy. But it wasn’t because then the thoughts of how the hell could I achieve these goals sets in, and then I just became overwhelmed by how changed I wanted to occur in these months.

So, here is what I was to achieve in the next 12 months:

  1. Regularly partake in a new hobby
  2. Commit to exercising
  3. Find a career which makes you excited and find a way to start it
  4. Begin the process of looking to rent a place near the city
  5. Have a Full Time Job (similar to number 4, but this is more of a back up if 4 doesn’t happen)
  6. Travel somewhere independently (or with new friends)
  7. Attend more social events and stop being scared to venturing out
  8. Make new friends (talk to more people instead of being terrified of them not liking me)
  9. Indulge in my creative side
  10. Just be happier overall


I am not sure how I will go with these goals but, hey, either I try and potentially have great things happen, or I don’t and fail anyway.




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