An Office Dilemma

Last week I decided I would quit one of my jobs. It was just a casual position, working in an office environment. It was your standard 9-5 type hours, sitting at a desk with an email account open, answering a phone and occasionally printing something. It is the standard job for people when the leave … More An Office Dilemma

Why so serious?

Is there anything wrong about being completely serious and dedicated to everything you  start? What could be bad about wanting to be 100% committed to everything you agree to do? Well, it is completely horrible when this starts to stop you from doing things because you know you physically and mentally won’t be able to … More Why so serious?

New Year, Same Me?

We are one week into 2017 and instead of making new years resolutions, this year I decided to spend some time to think about what I would goals I would like to achieve within this 12 month period. Essentially, they are new years resolutions, but I am calling them goals to make them seem more attainable. … More New Year, Same Me?

Am I Dramatic?

Dramatic This has stumped me. Am I dramatic or am I the rational one surrounded by people who don’t understand? Well, I am dramatic within my own mind. But aren’t we all. I like to think the world is better with dramatic people because otherwise it would be one paced and lacking the ups and downs which … More Am I Dramatic?

Seeking: Passion.

I am currently working part-time jobs, figuring out what I would like to pursue as my career. I graduate University with an Arts Degree in Communications absolutely clueless with the direction I wanted to head. I spent 6 months just enjoying time off, having what I have called a “Gap Year”, working small part-time jobs … More Seeking: Passion.